1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

2018-19 Meeting Schedule, Notes & Photos

Guests always are welcome to general weekly meetings that begin at 4:44PM most Wednesdays in Hugo’s Frog Pond located in Main Street Promenade. A guest fee of $20 is charged to visiting Rotarians and other individuals who may be interested in attending. Every meeting includes light refreshments, soft drinks, wine, camaraderie and enlightening programs.

***Asterisks indicate events with Rotarian connections; Rotary “Extras” on days other than Wednesdays.

These photos with “P.S.” long captions help tell the story of the Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown, set to find a way to build fellowship while trying to enhance educational experiences every week, aimed at creating a warm welcome and better community for all concerned. Join us any week. We go around the room with introductions and a “question of the day” that typically connects to the theme of the day’s featured program. Cheers!

Special Notice regarding Service Project to help provide relief for victims of devastating Hurricane Florence! Scroll down to see post on October 6.

The 2018-2019 Rotary year / July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019

The Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown held its annual Installation Dinner on June 27, 2018, at Meson Sabika for members and guests to witness the passing of the gavel from President Kevin McQuillan to President-Elect Jeff Davis.

Every meeting begins with the Pledge of Alliance and the club song, “Grand Old Flag,” followed by the president’s thought of the day, then the “unthought” of the day, likely to be continued by Kevin McQuillan.

You’re a grand old flag
You’re a high-flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave
You’re the emblem of
The land I love
The home of the free and the brave
Ev’ry heart beats true
Under red, white and blue
Where there’s never a boast or brag
But should old acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the grand old flag
Rotary Club of Naperville – Downtown / 2018-2019 Board of Directors 
Jeff Davis, President / Nancy Nyberg, President Elect; Rocky Caylor, Vice President; Chuck Corrigan*, Rotary Ride /Treasurer / Club Service; Neal Cerne*, Secretary; Naish Shah*, Rotary Ride; Aaron Bonti, Sergeant at Arms; Mary Corrigan, Membership Chairman; Gary Baumgartner*, Foundation Chairman; Patti Powers, International Service/Hearts & Flowers; Pat Benton, Community Service; Stephanie Penick*, Rotary Reminders / Programs / PR; Kevin McQuillan*, Immediate Past President. (*Past President). Note: In this Rotary Club every member serves to assist committees for membership, club service, grants and programs. (Photos by Tim Penick)

New Rotary Year begins July 1, 2018 – Dues are due!

P.S. During the Installation Dinner at Meson Sabika, three new members were welcomed into the Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown. Kevin McQuillan finished his year as president by attracting a total of four new members—Rocky Caylor, Eileen Belokin, Peter Paolilli and Aaron Bondi— to join the 11-year-old Rotary.

The theme for Rotary International this year is “Be the Inspiration.” Cheers to another great year for all!

July 4 / No meeting. Happy Independence Day!

July 11 / Naish Shah has asked Jeffrey Davis, founder and principal at jd2 Consulting Group, to address the topic “Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Most modern Business to Business (B2B) companies are dealing with an alarming and serious statistic – “B2B companies’ inability to align sales and marketing teams costs them 10% or more of revenue per year.” This is a long-standing problem between sales and marketing. However, with digital disruption changing buyer behavior, companies can no longer operate in this siloed way. This presentation will aim to help those in attendance understand how digital disruption has changed buyer behavior, the costs associated with misalignment and the strategies that leaders need to implement to transform the business into better alignment.

P.S. Jeff Davis, not to be confused with this year’s RCN Downtown Prez Jeff Davis, provided a delightful and engaging presentation about connecting sales and marketing that even a DuPage County Judge would say he enjoyed and appreciated. Davis shared his insights and passions— and more than 15 years of experience —that have brought him to the conclusion that digital has changed behaviors, sellers have not yet adapted, quotas are not being met and bottom lines are suffering. For instance, 80 percent of the content that marketing generates is not used by sales, even though most of it is created specifically for sales and channel enablement. With data to back up his insights, Davis suggests thinking of sales and marketing as the “revenue engine.” Great food for thought during these changing times. For more info about tools for success and the customer experience, visit

July 18 / Stephanie Penick has invited photographer and digital artist Paul Stonehouse to present his story that featured a gallery of portraits to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

P.S. Due to a conflict in scheduling, the original program planned did not happen. State Senator Mike Connelly, a member of the 4:44 Rotary club, stepped up with a few updates from Springfield. Among other thoughts, Connelly mentioned one of the efforts of DuPage County Board to consolidate. He said that on Monday, July 23, the governor was expected to sign legislation in Wheaton to dissolve its election commission and transfer its functions to the DuPage County clerk’s office, effective January 1, 2019.

P.S. II / Also, members of the Rotary Club of Naperville – Downtown said so long to the Rotary Exchange  student they affectionately had grown to know this past year. After a year at Neuqua Valley High School and summer travel in the U.S., Edward was returning home to Taiwan. When the young man arrived in Naperville last summer, he proudly wore his blue Rotary jacket to display commemorative pins. By July 18, Edward’s much-treasured jacket was filled with so many buttons, pins and ornaments depicting fond memories from his stay in Naperville and travels in the U.S. that it was way too heavy to wear, he said.

July 25 / Chuck Corrigan will present our program with an “Inspirational Update of District 6450” and his role beyond being our club treasurer to serve the “Birthplace of Rotary.” The program will be in advance of a visit by District Governor Pedro Cevallos-Candau on Aug. 15. Save that date, too. (FYI: Chuck noted that Rotary International President Barry Rassin, a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, is following a theme for 2018-19 Rotary year, “Be the Inspiration.”)

August 1 / Club Assembly with Prez Jeff Davis. During this in-house meeting to go over goals for the year, members were reminded of this year’s new vision statement for RI: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” Jeff also reminded us to talk up attendance every week, mindful of the informative programs that welcome guests and “pinch sitters,” too. Thanks for checking the website, too! Note also that everybody enjoyed the delicious hot dogs on the menu, a first for Hugo’s and Rotary 4:44.

***August 7 / West Suburban Iris Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

August 8 / Prompted by a news story in June about a Supreme Court decision regarding partisan gerrymandering, Stephanie Penick has arranged for David S. Olsen, Illinois State Representative- 81st Dist., to enlighten us during a nonpartisan conversation titled “Fair Maps: A State and National Perspective.”

P.S. State Rep Davis Olsen provided an enlightening civics lesson about congressional maps. Since the founding years of the United States of America, the nation has been divided into regions with maps depicting the boundaries of representation. Today, every decade is marked by a new census to reassess the population within the boundaries. Two federal rules govern redistricting in every state: Population and the Voting Rights Act. Currently, each of the 435 congressional districts in the United States House of Representatives has approximately 711,000 people. Using slides with Illustrations of gerrymandered districts from California, Arizona and Illinois, State Rep. Olsen recognizes “fair” boundaries are a national concern. Recent Supreme Court decisions suggest that the fate of redistricting reform in Illinois remains firmly in the hands of the electorate. If any change will come, voters will need to contact representatives in Springfield.

The Illinois Senate is comprised of 59 senators each of whom represents approximately 217,468 individuals. The Illinois House consists of 118 representatives elected from individual legislative districts for two-year terms with no limits; each of whom represents approximately 108,734 individuals.

More than ever, it’s the opinion of Olsen that legislators need to end partisan gerrymandering and bring fair maps to Illinois and all states in order to engage voters who might have lost confidence in elections—all folks who want/need to have a voice. “I just want to fairly represent my constituents,” said Olsen, who recognizes that even though longtime politicians are entrenched, there are good people on both sides of the aisle who want fair maps. To keep up with what could be happening, Olsen suggests following “Change Illinois,” a nonpartisan group that aims to address “restricted ballot access, uncompetitive elections, decreased citizen participation, lack of government transparency and politically-motivated redistricting” and more. Immediate Past President Kevin McQuillan led the meeting while Prez Jeff Davis is on vacation.

 ***August 12 / The 22nd Annual Rotary Ride at Commissioners Park and then some will benefit Naperville Responds for Veterans, Loaves & Fishes Community Services, 360 Youth Services, and End Polio Now. Commissioners Park is located at 3704 111th St. Naperville. The SAG-supported Ride has a 1.4 mile family loop as well as 21, 41, and 62 (metric century) mile routes.

Click here for more details, then follow the Rotary Ride signs and banners, and enjoy the bicycle ride throughout the countryside with family and friends!

Update, August 13, 2018! Thanks to all 420 participants, SAG support drivers and dozens of volunteers who ran the rest stops and served on the RR Committee. Save the date! Same Sunday next year. August 11, 2019!

The repeat Rotarian Rider from St. Louis came with a great sense of humor and a duck tale about his granddaughter who loves rubber duckies.

Find more info about the local Rotary Ride beneficiaries at Naperville Responds for Veterans360 Youth Services and Loaves & Fishes Community Services.

***August 15 / Get up at the quack of dawn and be sure to enter the Naperville Riverwalk Duck Race, beginning at 10AM in the DuPage River! Rotarians have been instrumental in helping to develop the Riverwalk since 1981 when Rotarian Chuck George served as the architect with the original design. Ever hear of Rotary Hill along the Riverwalk? Or Rotary Plaza near Fredenhagen Park? Walter Fredenhagen, owner of Naperville’s Prince Castle and Cock Robin ice cream enterprises back in their day, was the second president of the Rotary Club of Naperville in 1942. (Rotarian Stephanie Penick serves on the Riverwalk Foundation/Riverwalk Commission.)

August 15 / Prez Jeff Davis has arranged for Dr. Pedro Cevallos-Candau, Rotary Governor District 6450, to visit and present his goals for Rotary 2018-2019.

P.S. Pedro joined the Rotary Club of Chicago in 2001, where he’s a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, a Major Donor of the Rotary Foundation and a member of the Paul Harris Society. Originally from Ecuador, he’s founder CEO and President of Transportation & Infrastructure at Primera Engineers, Ltd., where he’s been involved in over 400 engineering projects. He shares his passion in Rotary with his wife of 30 years who is a member of Rotary Chicago Little Village.  Wendy Gross of the Naperville After Dark Club represented Rotary District 6450 with an introduction featuring Pedro’s long list of achievements that help empower Hispanic professionals in the Chicago region. Pedro also lauded Chuck Corrigan (Charter member of our club in 2007 and Past President) who is in line to be Rotary District 6450 Governor in 2020-21. (Chuck was in Ireland, so he missed hearing Pedro’s kind words that also included appreciation for Chuck’s efforts to teach him how to throw a pitch, a talent he needed to display at a recent White Sox game for Rotarians.) Talking up Rotary during “chance” encounters as well as attracting new members are high on Pedro’s to do list. He also aims to connect clubs in the district to collaborate on grants for service projects that will be beneficial for unmet needs locally.

***August 21 through August 31, 2018 / By popular request, Kevin McQuillan and Tim Penick worked with the folks at Mill Race Cyclery to create Naperville Rotary Ride Jerseys, now available at Commemorate the 2018 Rotary Ride with this top quality relaxed fit, sure to please cyclists who want a generous cut on the stretchy and wicking GFX technical fabric, combined with a hidden zipper, large side panels and raglan sleeves. Sizes available run from 2xS through 5XL. The cost is $55 per shirt, plus mailing and handling. Remember, Rotary Ride is the same time next year, the second Sunday in August!

August 22 /  Our club member Eileen Belokin, Manager, Major Gifts & Sponsorships, Edward Foundation, and a co-presenter will provide a program on heart disease and the new structural heart center at Edward Hospital.

P.S. Eileen Belokin introduced an informative program focused on the latest options at Edward Heart Hospital from screening and diagnosis, to treatment with life-saving procedures, to cardiac rehabilitation, as well as its expansion now in progress.

Eileen shared the presentation with the New Program / Structural Heart Coordinator Stacey Keeler (RN, BSN, RT) who brought the club up to date on Edward Hospital’s surgeons and cardiologists at the hospital ranked in the top 10 percent of hospitals nationwide for cardiology services. Topics included information and treatment of severe aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation (MR) as well as understanding some of the basics of how the heart works as it pumps dozens of gallons of blood each hour. The enlightening program distinguished between patients who have heart and blood vessel diseases and the need of a cardiologist for treatment; and others who might have a diagnosis that indicates the need for an operation, a time when the cardiologist refers them to a cardiac surgeon. Edward’s expansion will permit the latest technology to be offered all in one location, efficient care that helps to shorten recovery times and get patients back to a more comfortable and active life. Find information about Edward at, conveniently located in the heart of Naperville at 801 S. Washington St.

***August 25 / From 6-11PM, Sat., August 25, the Night to End Hunger 2018 Annual Gala will be held at Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook to benefit Loaves & Fishes Community Services. Click here for information and/or to register online. To introduce this year’s benefit to our club, Rotarian Mike Havala, CEO of Loaves & Fishes, recently shared news and a sample of some of the auction items that will be available and up for bid during the fundraising event. Cheers!

August 29 / Stephanie Penick has arranged for Naperville Fire Department Education Specialist Soraya McLaughlin and Bureau Chief Jim Kubinski to return with their latest program, “Fire and Life Safety 101.”

P.S. Naperville Fire Department Education Specialist Soraya McLaughlin and Bureau Chief Jim Kubinski brought a bunch of fire prevention tips with 10 prizes for the lucky winners in a name drawing, all to engage Rotarians in the dos and don’ts of fire safety in the home and office. With photos from Naperville homes that had been greatly damaged and/or destroyed by fires that started from the spark from an electrical cord or stove-top appliance, members were reminded never to leave something cooking on the stove and never to leave the washer or dryer on when not home or headed to bed. Also, always make it a habit to keep bedroom doors closed, especially when sleeping. Closed doors help prevent fire from spreading. When cooking, keep a lid handy to cover a skillet or pot in the event it catches on fire. If something catches on fire in the oven or the microwave, keep the oven door closed and call 911. Never open the oven door to try to put out a fire. The program is fast-moving, educational and enlightening. And also available to community groups.

September 5 / No Rotary meeting. Happy Labor Day Week! (Date saved for a “field trip” to ENCLAVE. All members are welcome. Carpooling likely. Details coming soon from Kevin McQuillan.)

P.S. The optional field trip to Elk Grove Village to visit ENCLAVE was indeed an exercise to think about the thoughts we were thinking. One of things the group was thinking came with the surprise of meeting up with Elk Grove Village Fire Chief Rich Michel who many of us knew from all his years his years of service on the Naperville Fire Department. Rich participated in the presentation led by John Dallas, President/CEO of ENCLAVE and one of the founders of this experiential education-focused venue. ENCLAVE has been designed as a “safe place” to get to know each other’s strengths as individuals. Conversations are aimed to engage in the more personal human side of starting, leading, or supporting a business venture. ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs at O’Hare is an economic development public-private partnership among the municipality of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Elk Grove Village Bank & Trust, a Wintrust Community Bank, and ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs Foundation Inc.

September 8*** / Naperville New GEN Rotary Club hosts Naperville Hunt 4 Good scavenger hunt to benefit NAMI DuPage. Meet at Quigley’s Irish Pub to review event instructions between 2:30-3:00 PM. (For any “day-of” registrations, tickets will be $35/ea at the door, if not sold out.) The Scavenger Hunt will then take place from 3 to 5PM, returning to Quigley’s to tally points, award prizes, and celebrate. INFO: Hunt 4 Good.

September 12 / Chuck Corrigan has arranged the program on the recommendation of Rick Thiernau of the Homewood Rotary Club. Two young teens from Naperville, Sanjana and Nandini, have started their own 501(c)(3) charity to help fund cleft palate surgeries for infants in areas of need, called Side by Side Smiles. They raise funds by selling charm bracelets at One of the girls was herself born with a cleft lip, and was easily treated here, but she wants to help thousands of children who are not so lucky.

***September 16 / Rotary Club of Naperville Festiville. This 3rd annual fundraiser will benefit organizations that help fight human trafficking, save mothers and children and support education.

September 19 / (Alert! Due to his new teaching job at Waubonsee Community College, Bryan Ogg is unable to return to play “Stump the Curator” under a new expanded name, “Stump the History Detective.” When rescheduled, Bryan will bring us up to speed about the local history project he’s about to launch in time for the holidays.)

Chuck Corrigan has arranged for Bill Myers and Sister Fausta to present. Bill is assistant principal and a teacher at Benet Academy. Sister Fausta is a Benedictine nun from Tanzania, currently studying for an advanced degree at Benedictine University and residing with the nuns at Sacred Heart Convent. Sister Fausta is one of a few nuns from a convent located in a rural and poor area of Tanzania (West Africa) who have come here for education to help in their mission to serve their community back home. The nuns take care of people in the community around Imiliwaha, a rural farming area of Tanzania, providing food, water, health care, dentistry and more. They are now housing and educating hundreds of orphans. A relationship has been established between the nuns and Benedictine University, with students in public health and education going over there to do field work and planning as part of their own studies. Bill Myers and others have established a local nonprofit, Friends of Imiliwaha, which supports the mission and work of Sister Fausta and her fellow nuns in Tanzania.

September 26 / Stephanie Penick has arranged for Dr. Scott Mitchell, Executive Director of SamaraCare, to return to update us about his organization’s recent expansion. With news that SamaraCare is growing to better serve mental health needs of young children and senior citizens, Scott also will address overall needs to understand mental health better by putting stigmas behind us. His presentation is titled “Dying of Despair.”

P.S. For information about the growth, development and important counseling services offered at SamaraCare (first known as Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Services when the nonprofit agency was established in 1971), visit

***October 2West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

October 3 / Club Assembly with Prez Jeff Davis. Write down three questions on your mind about Rotary, the community, or anything your want answered by fellow Rotarians. Bring them to the meeting. We’ll see who can answer what! More later about this idea suggested by Beth Cerne and Neal Cerne!


***October 6, 7, 12 & 13 /  Help fill a trailer headed to the Carolinas with items to assist victims of Hurricane Florence. Rotary Clubs of Naperville invite all service clubs, faith organizations, homeowners associations, businesses and individuals to join a community-wide service project by donating items listed on our homepage. A trailer and driver will be provided by 4:44 Rotarian and Naperville resident Rocky Caylor, Partner, President/CEO of Cadence Premier Logistics, a company with experience in delivering emergency relief. When full, the trailer will be delivered to a yet-to-be-identified community (News reports suggest most neediest locations should be identified by early October.) that has been ravaged by flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. Rotary District 6450 Governor Nominee Chuck Corrigan, also a 4:44 Rotarian, is coordinating that Rotary connection.

Thanks to the Naperville Park District, arrangements have been made to park the trailer at the Garden Plots on West Street for the collection. Look for banners and a large trailer (such as the one above when Cadence recently was dropping off donations at Loaves & Fishes) to mark the spot of the collection site in the Garden Plots.

Garden Plots on West Street Collection Hours will be from 8AM to 6PM, Sat., Oct. 6, and Sun., Oct. 7 / Fri., Oct. 12, and Sat., Oct. 13. Volunteers are needed for 2-hour and 3-hour shifts.

Questions? Ask a Rotary Club of Naperville President for the club’s relief effort coordinator: Jeff Davis (4::44), Randy Ems (RCN), Jeanette Oakeshott (Sunrise) or Mary Morrissey (After Dark). Note list of nonperishables needed. Volunteers are needed to help collect, sort, shrink wrap and place on skids.

October 10 /  Peter Paolilli has arranged for Brooke Wiseman, CEO of Blessings in a Backpack, to present “The invisible Epidemic of Children.” She will talk about the evolution of Blessings in a Backpack, the only national organization that provides weekend nutrition to food insecure children. With 13 million U.S. children living in a food insecure household, she will suggest how can communities rally together to be the solution. (Rotarian Peter Paolilli serves on the Chicago Advisory Board for Blessings in a Backpack.)

***October 13 / The Edward Foundation’s 28th annual gala, The Big Gig: Swing, will be held at the Westin Lombard. Rotarian Eileen Belokiin is Manager, Major Gifts & Sponsorships for Edward Foundation.

October 17 / Stephanie Penick has arranged the annual visit of Nicki Anderson, President/CEO, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, to update members on plans for the business organization.

P.S. Nicki Anderson returned to present what’s happening at the NACC in regard to leadership (She decided to stay at the helm after her first five-year commitment.), workforce development for the next generation, member support, advocacy, board activity, young professionals and the family-business round table. She also talked about goal of the “Future Forward Campaign” to raise $250,000 that is likely to be met by the end of the year for upgrades and technology at the NACC location in downtown Naperville. NIcki’s husband, Bill Anderson, a past president of the Rotary Club of Naperville and owner of Oswald’s Pharmacy, also attended the meeting. Bill was thanked for his generous donation to Rotary’s Hurricane Florence Relief Collection.

October 24 / Special meeting will be a “Thank you and Recognition Event” for 2018 Rotary Ride sponsors, volunteers and friends. To see a small sampling of photos from this year’s Rotary Ride, click here.

P.S. During the special meeting, volunteers and sponsors were recognized by Community Service Director Pat Benton. Special recognition went to folks at Mill Race Cyclery in Geneva for their assistance in designing the official Naperville Rotary Ride jersey (modeled here by Chuck Corrigan). Rotary Ride 2018 Chairman Naish Shah presented grants to local nonprofits— 360 Youth Services, Naperville Responds for Veterans and Loaves & Fishes Community Services. In addition, a grant that will be matched by the Gates Foundation was given to Polio Plus. Kris Tsau from Rotary International was in attendance with an update about polio eradication and to accept the gift from Rotary Ride 2018. Rotary Ride 2019, under the leadership of Kevin McQuillan, is slated for the second Sunday in August. With much gratitude for help with the SAG (Support & Gear) stops, the beneficiaries will remain the same for the bicycle ride on Aug. 11, 2019.

***October 24 / Special Delivery is accepted in Lumberton, NC… Chuck Corrigan has received emails expressing gratitude to Cadence Premier Logistics and all of Naperville for the generous shipment of much-needed items for hurricane relief and recovery efforts. The Rotary banner pictured below, previously marked the spot of the collection site at the Naperville Park District Garden Plots for the community’s big service project. The photo, taken Oct. 24, 2018, is courtesy of Lumberton Rotarian Brittany Sandefur.

“Thank you, everyone. Chuck, please thank all of your partners in IL who helped make this happen,” emailed Doug Wolfe, District Governor Elect, District 7730. “Alan, thanks for unloading and distributing in Lumberton.  And April thanks for hooking up needs and offers.”

“We are most grateful for your care, concern and compassion,” emailed April Clark. “The manifestation of those sentiments showed up yesterday in Lumberton, North Carolina. The story was big news for Lumberton and Rotary and you can see it highlighted in the local paper.”

October 31 / Happy Halloween! Yes. We are meeting. You’ll be home in time for Trick or Treat! Stay tuned for what might haunt us! Costumes are welcome, but not required! Bram Stoker Award-winning author John Everson and Naperville resident will be appear to discuss his latest novel, The House By The Cemetery. Everson is the author and editor of more than 20 books in the horror genre and one of the original authors of the V-Wars book series, which will appear as a NetFlix series in 2019.

P.S. PIctured above with members of Rotary 4:44 who braved Halloween to attend their weekly meeting, John Everson told the group that his inspiration, at times, has come from writing sessions in one of the snugs at Quigley’s Irish Pub, an acknowledgment that is written in the foreward of some of his books. Note: The Court Jester is slated to be reinstalled as the 2019-20 president of the Rotary 4:44 Club in late June. Other frightening and enlightening news was shared by Prez Jeff Davis when he recounted his exploits from the time he dressed up for Halloween as Sergeant Klinger, a character from the M*A*S*H television series.

***November 1 / Cheers for Veterans benefit for Naperville Responds for Veterans. INFO: (Naperville Responds for Veterans is one of this club’s chosen charities for Naperville Rotary Ride)

***November 2 / 360 Youth Services Champions for Youth Annual Gala. INFO: (360 Youth Services is one of the club’s chosen charities for Naperville Rotary Ride.)

***November 5 / “Toasting for a Cause” at Catch 35 in Naperville is a benefit for Loaves & Fishes Community Services that includes an outstanding 4-course dinner and great wine pairings. To register, visit (Loaves & Fishes Community Services is one of this club’s chosen charities for Naperville Rotary Ride)

***November 6 / Election Day! Rotary is a nonpartisan organization that encourages its members to participate as educated voters to make a difference in our world.

November 7 / Stephanie Penick has arranged for Naperville resident Mark Hattas to tell his story and the growing interest in the nonprofit organization, Journey’s Dream, that he co-founded to serve as a portal to a world of mental health solutions. Details will follow closer to the date of the presentation.

P.S. Mark Hattas shared a very personal story about his journey to restore wellness as he recovered from mental health challenges on a path that led to hope, good health and happiness.

***November 9 / Lisle Rotary will host Bets for Vets, a benefit for Operation Support Our Troops-America and Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans from 6-11PM on Friday, November 9, 2018. Buffet Dinner 6:00 – 7:30 pm Gambling 7:00 – 10:45 pm Benedictine University, Goodwin Hall, 5700 College Rd, Lisle, INFO:

***November 10 / Harmony Park dedication at Rotary Hill begins at 1:30PM Sat., Nov. 10.

November 14 / Rocky Caylor has arranged for a program about soccer and how it impacts learning and development for local youth featuring Coach Zego and Gui Nunes, two of his partners at Cadence Soccer and Futsal Center. Guests welcome!

P.S. Coach Zego (pictured far right) who leads the futsal program at Cadence Soccer and Futsal Center in Joliet explained the fast-paced game that’s been around since the early 1950s in South America. The 62-year-old world-renown coach said futsal is a modified form of soccer played with two teams of five players per team on a smaller indoor field about the size of a basketball court. In his view, futsal is a more attractive and fun game than soccer. Throughout his coaching career that has taken him all over the world and given him opportunities to learn from every player and all types of abilities, Zego said playing is different from teaching and coaching. Originally from Brazil, Zego hopes to leave a legacy in the United States of America.

***November 15 / Rotary Club of Hinsdale Collection of School Items for Hurricane Florence Relief in Lumberton, NC. Transport of items was coordinated by Cadence Premier Logistics with the help of 4:44 Rotarians Chuck Corrigan and Rocky Caylor and the Illinois Trucking Foundation. As Chuck noted at Rotary on Nov. 14, Rotary Clubs again have come together to assist Lumberton. Rotary Club of Naperville provided a grant to help underwrite cost of school supplies for 1,000 packs headed for students in Lumberton.

P.S. On Nov. 15, students were photographed placing items in bags. “This is amazing!” said Rocky from the gymnasium in Clarendon Hills. Chuck added, “Looks like a great project! Thanks for getting some pictures to share.”

***November 17 / Quigley’s Irish Pub, owned by Rotary Club of Naperville-Downtown Past President Nancy Quigley, will celebrate its first 20 years in business!

November 21 / No meeting. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who keeps this Rotary moving forward.

November 28 / Club Assembly with a Board Meeting to follow. All members urged to attend as club business, policies and procedures will be addressed.

***December 4West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

December 5 / Bryan Ogg is slated to return so we can “Hassle the Historian” about his new adventures and the release of his new book about Naperville. (If you’re reading ahead, note a booksigning party is scheduled at Anderson’s Bookshop at 7PM on Wed., Nov. 14.)

December 12 /  Stephanie Penick has arranged for Dave Weeks, President of the Board of Directors for Martin Avenue Apartments, to share news about the expansion and remodeling project he has been leading for several years. After attending the recent kick off with loads of information, I caught the excitement about the need, how everything is coming together and so on. Weeks is enthusiastic about letting people in our community know about the mission to serve the needs of this segment of the community. It’s quite a story. It’ll be another good meeting to bring guests.

***December 12 / 1-5PM Holiday Bazaar / A holiday bazaar featuring handcrafted items, bird houses and more created by Turning Pointe takes place from 1 to 5PM Wed., Dec. 12, at their school located at 1500 W. Ogden Ave.. Earlier this year, our club approved a challenge grant to Turning Pointe of up to $1,000 to match sales at the Bazaar that will take place on Dec. 12. (After the first of the year, Carrie Provenzale, Executive Director of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, will present the growth and development regarding the programs that meet the needs of 25 students.)

December 19 / Holiday Party with Holiday Trivia & Songs. Santa Jimbo will return to keep the program lively and engaging. Casual holiday attire is welcome. Cheers!

***December 20 / The Rotary Club of Naperville is hosting a Holiday Party at White Eagle Golf Club from 6-10PM on Thursday, Dec 20. All the Naperville Rotary Clubs are invited. Please share the invitation with your membership to have some fun and fellowship with fellow Naperville Rotarians and guests. The cost is $60 per person. Register here. Any questions, contact Kristin Giannini at

December 26 / No meeting. Happy Christmas Day!

January 2 / No meeting. Happy New Year! Look for invoices and plan to pay dues for “second semester.”

January 9 / Stephanie Penick has saved this date for a program to be titled “Passports” and provided by the Naperville Post Office.

January 16 /

January 23 /

January 30 / Club Assembly that also will feature tales of travels by Patti Powers. Patti will report on her recent fam trip to Romania that found her in Transylvania on Halloween and visiting the Rotary Club of Sibiu.

***January 31 / Club dues are past due at midnight!

***February 5 / West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

February 6 /

February 13 /

February 20 / No meeting. President’s Day Week

February 27 / Founder’s Dinner – 12th Anniversary Paul Harris Recognition – 5:30PM

***March 5West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

March 6 /

March 13 /

***March 16 / Sunrise Rotary St. Paddy’s Day 5K and West Suburban Irish Annual St. Patrick’s Parade. (Lots of Rotary connections to these two fundraising events! Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as past presdent. Mike Reilly recently was named president.)

March 20 /

March 27 / No meeting. Spring Break

***April 2West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but  never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

April 3 /

April 10 /

April 17 /

April 24 /

May 1 / Club Assembly with Prez Jeff Davis

***May 7West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

May 8 /

May 15 /

May 22 /

May 29 / No meeting. Thanks for observing Memorial Day.

***June 5West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s Irish Pub. (Lots of Rotarian connections to this fun event held most months on the first Tuesday at 7PM — but never July and September. Nancy Quigley owns the pub. Chuck Corrigan just finished a multi-multi year run as president of WSI. Mike Reilly recently was named president of WSI.)

June 5 /

June 12 / 

June 19 /

June 26 / Installation of New Officers Dinner – 5:30PM

Archived Meetings, Photos & Notes 2015-2018