Ride for Awareness for Miles to End Polio / 10AM, Sat., Oct. 25

 Comments from Naish Shah, member of the Rotary Club of Naperville / Downtown…

Naish Shah

On November 22, 2014, a team of Rotary Club members and Rotary International employees will be joining the Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko on a 104-mile bike ride to raise contributions help end Polio around the world.

This “Miles To End Polio” initiative of Rotary International will occur during the El Tour De Tucson bike event in Arizona. As a member of the Rotary Club of Naperville-Downtown and an employee of the Rotary International headquarters, I’ll be joining this team.

Inspired by the Rotary’s motto of “Service above Self,” I joined Rotary International and the local Rotary Club of Naperville-Downtown in 2013. The fight to end Polio around the world has a special meaning to my family and me. Two of my first cousins died of Polio in India at young adulthood; one at 21 and one at 19.

It is so unfortunate that the children of one brother died of a preventable disease while the children of another brother did not because they had access to the Polio vaccine. That is why this fight is so important since we have can prevent Polio from striking any child or adult by getting the vaccine to them.

The team of Rotary International riders has been raising contributions for the fight against Polio since August with a goal to raise $1.3 million. If you would like to contribute to the Rotary International’s Miles To End Polio initiative please visit http://www.endpolio.org/miles-to-end-polio. Your contribution will help Rotary create a Polio-free world.

Meanwhile, 4:44 Rotarian and District 6450 District Governor Chuck Corrigan had another idea…

chuck & grant DSC_6610
Chuck Corrigan

When Rotarian Chuck Corrigan heard about Naish’s intentions, he suggested that the 4:44 Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown host “Ride for Awareness for Miles to End Polio.”  The casual bike ride will begin at 10AM Sat., Oct. 25, at Quigley’s Irish Pub.  The fun ride is free of charge and a chance to heighten awareness about the urgent need to eradicate polio once and for all.

Naish has invited fellow members from the Miles To End Polio team who will be riding with him in the El Tour de Tucson.

“Ride for Awareness for Miles to End Polio” is a bike training ride, not a sanctioned bike ride, meaning that all participants are responsible for themselves and will ride at their own risk. Several routes will be mapped out and available at Quigley’s for cyclists to consider.

After cyclists hit the trails for a 5, 10 or 20-mile fun ride, they’re invited to return to Quigley’s for fellowship, a beverage and B.L.A.Q. (Buy Lunch At Quigley’s) as well as a chance to help sponsor the 4:44’s entry in the El Tour de Tucson.

Naish, already geared up for the ride in Tucson on Nov. 22, also is working on other “idea” links for our club to be featured on the Rotary International website. Stay tuned for all the details to be linked here regarding donations of $25, $50 and $100 to sponsor riders in Tucson or to make donations of any size to Rotary’s End Polio Now initiative.

Meanwhile, consider joining the Ride for Awareness, hosted by members of the Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown. The ride will begin and end Quigley’s Irish Pub, 43 E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Naperville.

Check this link http://www.endpolio.org/miles-to-end-polio.